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At Order Beds we have a fantastic selection of bedroom furniture on offer that gives you a great selection of colours and styles to suit any price range. Whether you are looking for a cheap bed frame to fit in a child's bedroom or a complete matching furniture set for you own bedroom it is our aim to have something to fit your needs.

With beds ranging from budget metal frames to high quality solid wood or real leather the emphasis is on affordable quality so you can be sure whatever your budget you will be getting excellent value for money. Order beds do not just do beds though we have a fantastic range of wardrobes, bedside tables and all the other furniture you need to really finish your perfect bedroom.

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We offer free delivery on all our products to most of the UK and on a lot of the items we sell including bedside units, headboards and smaller bed frames and rolled mattresses we can offer next working day delivery. Larger items like divan bases mattresses and ready assembled furniture are usually delivered within 5 - 10 working days and our courier team will contact you in advance to book the suitable delivery slot.

Unlike many of our competitors who only offer basic courier services we can offer pre assembly of many of the flat pack items. To many parts of the UK we can offer an onsite installation service where our team will bring the furniture into your room of choice, set it up and remove all of the packaging, if you are interested in this service feel free to contact us for quote. Our aim is to provide the highest level of service and customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on being able to offer these additional services.

If you are interested in any of our bedroom furniture then you can get in touch either though our online contact formor by calling our sales team on 0800 055 6209

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