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  • Nightmares and Night Terrors. What's the Difference?

    One of the more common misconceptions is that night terrors and nightmares are the same things. This is not true. They are in fact, incredibly different. A nightmare happens when you're deep in sleep, in the REM cycle and yes, you can wake up screaming but usually, you'll be able to remember the whole dream or at least a part of it. When you wake up from a nightmare you are completely awake. A night terror is the exact opposite. You don't remember your dream, you are not fully awake when you wake up, and you can have a full-on panic attack during a night terror.

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  • 15 Common Dreams and What They Mean

    We all dream, and even if many of us don't remember our dreams at all, most of the people who do recall their dreams only remember a small part. Studies have shown that humans dream for around two hours each night. Yet a lot of dreams are hard to understand, and while we know that some dreams are just our brains sorting through all the junk we've picked up during the day, other dreams can be quite unsettling. Especially if we dream them repeatedly. Dream interpretation lies somewhere between psychology and mysticism, and if you're curious to know what that dream you had last night might mean, then check out this list of the 20 common dreams and their interpretations.

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