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  • A Brief History of Beds and Mattresses

    The origins of our modern beds and mattresses can be traced back to the Early Neolithic Age--around 7000 BC. Since then, our slumber furniture had to go through some significant changes before it could arrive at the shape and form we recognise today. Here's a brief history of our modern beds, from simple leaves and animal skins to the memory foam and other developments which today we all take for granted.

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  • A Few Things to Consider Before You Buy Your Next Set of Bedsheets

    When it's time for you to go shopping for a new set of bed sheets there are so many options available it can get quite confusing. Which is why we've put together this short overview, so you know what you should take into account before spending your hard earned cash on new sheets for your bed. Let's start by talking about the fibre the sheets are made from.

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