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  • Morning Rituals of the Rich and Famous

    Question: What do Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama all have in common?


    Answer: They all have an empowering morning ritual.


    Some people wake up, and they hit the snooze button. Or they'll log onto social media, Continue reading

  • The Horrid Hallucinations and Scary Symptoms of Sleep Paralysis


    If you've ever woken up with a terrible sense of fear and foreboding and feeling

    like someone was sitting on your chest, then you've been visited by the 'Old Hag.'


    The term 'Old Hag,' or 'sleep hag', as it's sometimes called, is rooted in ancient folklore and is the name for what we now know as sleep paralysis. It is a relatively common, and harmless occurrence, but coupled with hallucinations and an inability to move an episode of sleep paralysis can be a harrowing experience. But what is it that makes sleep paralysis so scary? To answer that question, we should first try to understand what is actually going on with our minds and bodies when we experience such a ghastly event.

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  • How to HEAL Your Sleep

    The UK charity The Mental Health Foundation has published an in-depth guide to help people who suffer from lack of sleep. Called HEAL, the guide is based on what the charity consider to be the 'four pillars' of good sleep and it covers the four major factors that influence how well we sleep:

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