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  • How Music Can Help You Sleep Better

    Music is a very restorative tool for our emotions. It helps us relax and sleep better and has been shown to improve how we perform through the day. Throughout history, music has been utilised to calm worried rulers, put crying babies to sleep and soothe the nerves. In Ancient Arabia, musicians played next to the doctors as they worked.  Ancient Greeks knew the positive effects that music has on the mentally ill. After the Second World War, traumatised soldiers were treated in the military hospitals by both physicians and professional musicians.

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  • All About Bunk Beds

    Bunk beds are great space savers, but while most kids love them, a lot of adults have their doubts. There are safety issues to consider as well as practicalities such as how to make the beds and what linen to choose. This practical guide will cover all these areas and more.

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